Transferring knowledge

Kelly is leaving? Oh no!

Kelly is leaving the company? After ten years of loyal service? Oh no! She is the only one who knows how that process works! Prevent valuable knowledge from leaving your company. Show Kelly and her colleagues how to easily transfer their knowledge. But, practical knowledge management, how do you do that?

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Transferring knowledge

Do you recognize these problems?

Hurray! A new colleague! But who's going to explain everything to the newcomer? | I simply don't have the time to write this all down!

Oh right, how did we solve that again? | No one is reading our documents! | Does anyone remember what had to be done to solve this problem?

How we can help you

How we can help you


No one knows your product better than the experts who work on it day in, day out. To gather their specialized knowledge, vision, tips and advice, it is crucial that we work in a close relationship with them. That way, we transform their know-how into useful technical communication.

Our approach

Your knowledge base and documentation should be transparent, so everyone can easily navigate them. Together, we will find an approach that fits your organization.

  • Strategy: What do you want to document? Why? For whom? Where is this information documented now? Is “everything” really “everything”? Or “too much”? Let’s make a plan.
  • Search: We gather all know-how in collaboration with your experts.
  • Organization: We organize your content in a user-friendly architecture (see: Organize information).
  • Training: If you want, you can follow the necessary training to maintain everything yourself (see: Training).

Knowledge base, SharePoint, Wiki… ?

Make your information centrally available to anyone who needs it. Together we will find a solution tailored to your organization: online help, SharePoint, your own wiki, practical knowledge management, content management …

Some benefits:

  • nothing gets lost: easily share processes or tips & tricks
  • one valid version: manage your documents through a central entry point
  • workflow: always have access to up-to-date, approved documents
  • versioning: follow up changes, archive non-relevant documents

Document types

Contact us if you need assistance with writing, organising or structuring any of the following document types:

  • technical: maintenance and repair manual, process description, quick start guide, work instruction, safety manual, standard operating procedures (SOP), reference guide
  • web: web content, intranet
  • business: presentation, policy, business plan, product description, service level agreement, offer
  • training: trainer manual, training plans, e-learning, simulation, training guide, presentation
  • IT: use case, specification, wiki knowledge base, online and onboard help, installation and configuration guide

Document outlines

You haven’t the slightest idea how to start writing that process description? Or does everyone write it in a different way, so there is no consistency? Use Flow’s document outlines. Forget those worries about the layout or structure of your document. Our outlines provide you with a basic structure to work with, so you can focus on writing the content that you need.
Our document outlines are available in several languages and for different types of documents.


We work together from the very beginning. Anyone with useful input is welcome. This way, we increase collaboration, which is very important in any changing environment. The Flow team will still be glad to assist you even after the project is completed, providing you with best practices and solutions.


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