Unstructured FrameMaker Basics

Learn to work with FrameMaker, the ideal program for your documentation. This course fits perfectly with our approved methods for structured authoring that will also be taught during this FrameMaker course for starters.

Who should attend?

The UNSTRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER BASICS training course is aimed at people who have to be able to write or update documentation using Adobe FrameMaker and who don’t work with XML documents.


You need to be familiar with PCs and the Microsoft Windows environment.

Training objectives

The UNSTRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER BASICS training course aims to provide a structured walk-through of the documentation creation process. You will not only learn how to use FrameMaker, but you will also get to know the basic principles of technical writing, such as Single Sourcing and Multi-channel Publishing. In two days, participants will learn to create a concise user guide using a predefined FrameMaker template.


2 days


  • Editing text
  • Using a template
  • Checking spelling
  • Using variables
  • Using cross-references
  • Inserting illustrations in a FrameMaker document
  • Inserting images in a FrameMaker document
  • Using tables
  • Creating a FrameMaker book
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Creating an index


We can teach the classes at your company as “in-company training” or at our Flow training center in Ghent, Belgium (we provide catering).


  • One laptop* per participant with a (trial) version of the required software installed.

Make sure that your Windows User Account has Administrator privileges or User Account Control (UAC) has been disabled. In class, you may have to change configuration files or install additional software.

Maximum number of participants

8 participants

Follow-up courses