Sharing knowledge

A good idea eventually becomes a good document. Sharing knowledge ensures that co-workers are well informed and involved in the business processes. Learn how to structure your documents easily and quickly. That way, your knowledge can be saved and passed on in your company.

Target audience

Anyone who wants to write documents.

Required knowledge

Basics of Microsoft Word.


You learn to optimize your knowledge by structuring your documents fast and quick. You keep an eye on the text, yet also learn to control the context: where is the content needed and who needs it?

In this course, you will learn the principles of structured writing on our Microsoft Surface tablets.

  • Our experienced instructors will help you with immediate feedback.
  • Your experiences in training will connect with your work. We enable this transition by using tablets that run on Microsoft.


  • Gather information quickly and efficiently.
  • Write structured documents.
  • Start with a lead: make use of our document models
  • Write texts for any document and any collaboration or content management platform (e.g. MS SharePoint)
  • Combine and reuse (parts of) documents


You can follow this course as an in-company training or at our Ghent training center.

Follow-up training

  • Structured authoring
  • Design templates and document outlines