Publishing DITA-content in PDF

Publish your structured documents in a professional format. We teach you how you can easily and quickly make a PDF that also displays a professional look and feel.

Who should attend?

The Publishing DITA-Sourced Content PDF training course is intended for people who wish to publish DITA-sourced content to PDF via FrameMaker, using the DITA-FMx plugin.

Various ways to publish DITA-sourced content to PDF

There are various ways to publish DITA-sourced content to PDF:

  • Via FrameMaker
  • Via Word
  • Via the DITA Open Toolkit

Using FrameMaker, it is relatively easy for an experienced FrameMaker user to create and maintain customized templates and set up a publishing workflow, especially if you use Leximation’s DITA-FMx plugin. Once your templates are ready, you can generate a FrameMaker book from the DITA maps and save that book as PDF.


You need to be an advanced FrameMaker user.

Training objectives

The Publishing DITA-Sourced content to PDF training course gives you an accelerated introduction into the “book-build process”, i.e. the way in which FrameMaker books are generated from DITA maps. We design customized FrameMaker templates and set up a DITA-to-PDF publishing workflow.


1 day


The PUBLISHING DITA-SOURCED CONTENT TO PDF training course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the DITA-FMx book-build process
  • Creating customized component templates
  • Specifying the book-build settings
  • Passing map-level metadata to the FrameMaker book
  • Including (unstructured) FrameMaker files in a generated book
  • Using custom master pages
  • Setting up PDF bookmarks


We can teach the classes at your company as “in-company training” or at our Flow training center in Ghent, Belgium (we provide catering).


  • One laptop* per participant with a (trial) version of the required software installed.

*Make sure that your Windows User Account has Administrator privileges or User Account Control (UAC) has been disabled. In class, you may have to change configuration files or install additional software.

Maximum number of participants

8 participants