DITA in a nutshell

Darwin Information Typing Architecture – But what exactly is it? How can DITA help you get more out of your documentation and your company? During this introductory course, Flow will disclose and exemplify DITA in a plain and concrete manner.

Who should attend?

The DITA IN A NUTSHELL workshop offers an introduction into DITA to all those who are contemplating implementing DITA and who will be involved in this project, for example:

  • Management
  • Technical writers
  • Copywriters
  • Translation/localization project managers
  • Support managers of documentation managers
  • Information architects
  • SME – Subject Matter Experts (designers, product managers…)
  • Sales & marketing officers


The DITA IN A NUTSHELL workshop aims to provide you with a detailed overview of what DITA is and the steps involved to implement DITA. We deliver a couple of presentations and demos which summarize the wealth of information which is available about DITA.


4 hours



  • Presentations:
    • A presentation of DITA and the main DITA components
    • A presentation of the DITA information model and its main elements and attributes
    • A presentation of the impact of DITA on various processes in the workflow: authoring, translation/localization, DTP, publication, content management
  • Demo: authoring and publishing DITA topics
  • Q&A, brainstorm


The price for a DITA IN A NUTSHELL workshop is €500, regardless of the number of participants.
If you order a + €5000 project from Flow within three months after the workshop, Flow will deduct this amount from the project price.


We can teach the classes at your company (“in-company training”) or at our Flow training center in Ghent, Belgium.

Maximum amount of participants

The maximum number of participants is unlimited.

Follow-up courses

  • Structured authoring
  • Creating and writing DITA topics
  • Technical writing bootcamp