DITA in a nutshell

Darwin Information Typing Architecture – But what exactly is it? How can DITA help you get more out of your documentation and your company? During this introductory course, Flow will disclose and exemplify DITA in a plain and concrete manner.

Who should attend?

The DITA IN A NUTSHELL workshop introduces you to DITA. It is aimed at people who are thinking about implementing DITA in their company and everyone who will be involved in the process, for example:

  • Management
  • Technical writers
  • Copywriters
  • Translation/localization project managers
  • Support managers or documentation managers
  • Information architects
  • SME – Subject Matter Experts (designers, product managers…)
  • Sales & marketing officers



Training objectives

The DITA IN A NUTSHELL workshop aims to provide you with a detailed overview of what DITA is and the steps involved to implement DITA. The copious amounts of information on DITA are condensed into crisp and clear summaries, delivered to you in the form of a couple of presentations and demos.


4 hours



  • Presentations:
    • A presentation of DITA and the main DITA components
    • A presentation of the DITA information model and its main elements and attributes
    • A presentation of the impact of DITA on various processes in the workflow: authoring, translation/localization, DTP, publication, content management
  • Demo: authoring and publishing DITA topics
  • Q&A, brainstorm


The price for a DITA IN A NUTSHELL workshop is €500, regardless of the number of participants.


We can teach the classes at your company as “in-company training” or at our Flow training center in Ghent, Belgium (we provide catering).


  • One laptop* per participant with a (trial) version of the required software installed.

* Make sure that your Windows User Account has Administrator privileges or User Account Control (UAC) has been disabled. In class, you may have to change configuration files or install additional software.

Maximum number of participants

The maximum number of participants is unlimited.

Follow-up courses