The strict structure of DITA and the easy usability of FrameMaker. We provide you with detailed information on how to combine DITA’s and FrameMaker’s best assets through the DITA-FMx plug-in to generate perfect documentation in all sorts of formats.

What is DITA-FMx?

DITA-FMx is a set of plugins and structure applications that lets you create and edit DITA XML files in FrameMaker. It significantly enhances the DITA features of Adobe FrameMaker and thus enables you to author DITA-structured content in production environments.
DITA-FMx was developed by Leximation Inc. Please visit the Leximation website for a detailed feature list of DITA-FMx and a FrameMaker DITA feature comparison.

Who should attend?

The DITA-FMx training course is intended for people who wish to use the DITA-FMx set of plug-ins for Adobe FrameMaker to create DITA-structured content.


You need to:

  • Be familiar with (structured) FrameMaker
  • Have a good understanding of DITA and topic-oriented authoring

Training objectives

The DITA-FMx training course aims to get you up and running with the set of plugins quickly. We use representative samples of your content and remodel this content into well-structured and valid DITA topics and a DITA map.


2 days


The DITA-FMx training course covers the following topics:

  • Installing DITA-FMx (and the structured application)
  • Setting the DITA options
  • Creating new DITA topics of several different infotypes
  • Creating new topics from a template
  • Creating a DITA map from scratch
  • Creating a DITA map from an outline
  • Inserting graphics in topics
  • Inserting tables in topics
  • Using cross-references and relationship tables
  • Working with conrefs
  • Working with ditaval (conditional publishing)
  • Using “where used” and “search in files”
  • Generating output: PDF, HTML Help (*.chm), WebHelp…


We can teach the classes at your company as “in-company training” or at our Flow training center in Ghent, Belgium (we provide catering).


  • One laptop* per participant with a (trial) version of the required software installed.

*Make sure that your Windows User Account has Administrator privileges or User Account Control (UAC) has been disabled. In class, you may have to change configuration files or install additional software.

Maximum number of participants

8 participants

Follow-up courses