Creating templates and document models in Word

Reduce your work load by working with templates and document models. Once created, you only have to fill in. Also, they guarantee that everyone in your company writes consistent texts!

What are templates and document models?

Templates and document models contain a certain lay-out on which your document is based and contain a fixed structure so that you need to focus on the content of your document. This fixed structure also ensures the reusability of text (parts).

Who should attend?

Everyone who regularly writes texts in Microsoft Word.


Experience with Microsoft Word.


You learn how to set up, use and adapt templates and document models.


You learn how to

  • set up
  • adjust
  • manage
  • apply and share
  • reuse

document models according to your company’s needs.


We can teach the classes at your company (“in-company training”) or at our Flow training center in Ghent, Belgium.


  • One laptop* per participant with a (trial) version of the required software installed.

Make sure that your Windows User Account has Administrator privileges or User Account Control (UAC) has been disabled. In class, you may have to change configuration files or install additional software.

Maximum number of participants

The maximum number of participants is 8.

Follow-up courses

  • Structured writing
  • Sharing knowledge