Why choose our Flow training courses?

Made to measure

Flow designs customized training sessions for your organisation: we adapt exercises to the texts and documents that you need most in your daily practice, we also use or suggest software that best fits your needs.

Cannot find what you need? Don’t worry! We can also develop a full training plan based on your specific needs. Contact us and we’ll find a training that answers your questions.


Demystify DITA, uncover the well-kept secrets of Word, learn how to use SharePoint without worries… You will receive a training based on real-life experience, combined with a passion for technical communication.

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Structured Authoring

Our structured writing training teaches you how to make a transparent structure for your documents. This enables you to write more user-friendly documents that you can reuse in various contexts.

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Sharing knowledge

A good idea eventually becomes a good document. Sharing knowledge ensures that co-workers are well informed and involved in the business processes. Learn how to structure your documents easily and quickly. That way, your knowledge can be saved and passed on in your company.

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Technical writing boot camp

Learn how to write technical documentation in less than one week. During our technical writing boot camp, you’ll get to know everything about methods, programs, graphics, etc. Everything you need to get to work with your technical documentation.

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DITA in a nutshell

Darwin Information Typing Architecture – But what exactly is it? How can DITA help you get more out of your documentation and your company? During this introductory course, Flow will disclose and exemplify DITA in a plain and concrete manner.

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Authoring DITA-structured content (XML)

Are you ready to unravel DITA’s mysteries yourself, starting off with a hands-on experience? Take this course and you’ll be writing your own DITA topics in a program of your own choice in no time.

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Creating templates and document models in Word

Reduce your work load by working with templates and document models. Once they’re created, all you have to do is fill them in. Also, they guarantee that everyone in your company writes consistent texts!

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Unstructured FrameMaker Basics

Learn to work with FrameMaker, the ideal program for your documentation. This course fits perfectly with our approved methods for structured authoring that will also be taught during this FrameMaker course for starters.

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Advanced Unstructured FrameMaker (Template Design)

Take the advanced FrameMaker course and expand your knowledge of FrameMaker. We teach you, among other things, how to use templates in a smart way; this to give your documentation a professional look and feel.

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The strict structure of DITA and the easy usability of FrameMaker. We provide you with detailed information on how to combine DITA’s and FrameMaker’s best assets through the DITA-FMx plug-in to generate perfect documentation in all sorts of formats.

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Publishing DITA-content in PDF

Publish your structured documents in a professional format. We teach you how you can easily and quickly make a PDF that also displays a professional look and feel.

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