Organizing information

Where can I find that information?

Nobody ever finds any information here! But it has to be somewhere... Intranets, SharePoint sites, Wikis and file servers are often a maze. It all comes down to information management: purpose, users, document types, metadata, etc. But, how do you do that?

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Organizing information

Do you recognize these problems?

Help! We're drowning in documents! | I know I've got this piece of information, somewhere... Hold on.

Which of these is the most recent version? | Oh, it still needs to be translated into 32 languages? | But in his e-mail, he said that...

How we can help you

How we can help you


The Flow team finds the best way to organize your documentation. First we audit your current approach:

  • What kind of documents do you write and maintain?
  • Is your documentation accessible?
  • Which problems occur most frequently?

After the audit, you will receive a report in which we propose both short and long term solutions. Together, we can discuss a strategy that is tailored to your business.

Knowledge base, SharePoint, Wiki… ?

Make your information centrally available to anyone who needs it. Together we will find a solution tailored to your organization: online help, SharePoint, your own wiki, practical knowledge management, content management …

Some benefits:

  • nothing gets lost: easily share processes or tips & tricks
  • one valid version: manage your documents through a central entry point
  • workflow: up-to-date, approved documents
  • versioning: follow up changes, archive non-relevant documents

Document types

Contact us if you need any of the following document types:

  • technical: maintenance and repair manual, process description, quick start guide, work instruction, safety manual, standard operating procedures (SOP), reference guide
  • web: web content, intranet
  • business: presentation, policy, business plan, product description, service level agreement, offer
  • training: trainer manual, training plans, e-learning, simulation, training guide, presentation
  • IT: use case, specification, wiki knowledge base, online and onboard help, installation and configuration guide

International standards

Does your documentation comply with the current norms and laws, like ISO IEC 82079-1:2012 and the machinery legislation?
Do you want to reorganize your documentation to obtain an ISO certification? We analyze your documentation and the requirements. That way you can convert existing documents and structure new documents right the first time.


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