Escape with Flow:
one source for different manual formats

A versatile user manual for a versatile product. Flow helped Escape design user documentation for the Escape P9, their sophisticated speaker with Bluetooth functionality.


Recently, Escape launched a sophisticated new speaker, the Escape P9. The four internal speakers guarantee perfect sound quality in all directions. Its water and weather resistant design (by Studio Dott) lets you provide the ideal musical background for any garden party or evening out on the patio.Escape P9

The speaker was nearly ready for its launch – only one element was still missing: equally sophisticated user documentation. However, that documentation had to meet a number of criteria.

Ready for anything

Just like the four internal speakers guarantee 360° omni-directional sound, Escape wanted to answer any question their customers might have. Therefore, they decided to publish four types of user documentation: a user manual in PDF, an online manual in web help, an accessible quick-start guide and finally also a safety card that gathered all safety information in one document.

No easy feat! Moreover, Escape wanted to provide their user documentation in different languages in order to reach their international customers. This led to different combinations of language and format. One format needed to include all languages while another format required standalone documents for every language. Naturally, this risked requiring a lot of time to write, read and translate the different documents.

User documentation: four in one

To meet this challenge, Escape contacted Flow. We quickly decided to write the documentation in oXygen XML, which allowed us to efficiently publish the base manual in the two main formats: PDF and web help.

We chose a high-tech solution that used one source to publish four types of manual.

Additionally, oXygen XML supports the principles of structured writing, reuse and DITA. That meant we could easily indicate which information from the source manual also needed to feature in the concise quick-start guide and in the safety card.

This resulted in a high-tech solution that used one source to publish four types of manual.


As we had written our source document according to the principles of minimalism and reuse, we strongly reduced the volume to be translated, and thus reduced the translation costs. In turn, each translated manual became another source document from which we published multiple documents.

This all resulted in a versatile manual for which any update only needs to be executed once, so that every document can be published in every language in no time.


user manual - Escape P9

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