Courses are created in the field

In the harbor of Antwerp, our colleague Jens is recording footage as requested by gas transport company Fluxys. He’s creating course material for the officers patrolling the gas pipelines.

Jens bij Fluxys

The patrol officers inspect (un)announced works in the vicinity of Fluxys pipelines and check the safety measures. An example of such works is horizontal directional drilling. The patrol officers have to be able to recognize correct and incorrect drilling. Those audit criteria are a part of Jens’s course.

In the picture he’s filming directional drilling (200 meters long, 15 meters deep) to pull pipelines through the soil. To be more precise: he’s filming the start of the pilot drilling. You can see the entry pit filled with the drilling fluid bentonite, and the drilling rod (the drill head has already been placed underground). The drill is situated to the right, which unfortunately isn’t visible in the picture.