Structured legislation:
EPB-pedia of the Flemish Energy Agency


How can you live in an energy-efficient way? The Flemish Energy Agency (Dutch: Vlaams Energieagentschap; VEA) collects all information about the legislation regarding this topic. ‘Reporters’ help you to comply with the norms for energy performances and indoor climate (Dutch: EPB). After a while, however, it became increasingly difficult for the VEA employees to manage all documents, web pages, FAQs etc. Reporters had a hard time finding an answer to their question.

New structure, clearer content

The Agency decided to streamline all information regarding the legislation. The first step was to create a new structure that only exists online, to make it easier to manage. The content itself also had to be made more structured and accessible. The idea grew to create an EPB-pedia (yes, EPB + Wikipedia). Flow guided the Agency from the start of the project until the date the project went live.

Done with wondering whether the information is located in a FAQ, pdf or as an appendix to a newsletter. Architects Network Flanders

Together with User Benefit, Flow organized workshops for the Agency staff, reporters and architects. Those resulted in an information architecture, metadata and type pages. After that, Elien rewrote all information about ventilation, one part of the site. Based on that model, the Agency staff rewrote the rest. To do that, they received an intensive training in structured authoring in their Drupal environment.

Individual coaching for the most challenging parts

To help the Agency along with rewriting their content, we offered coaching sessions. During those we could help each individual employee with the content they were struggling with, which was greatly appreciated. Lastly, Lisa created a launch video. EPB-pedia has been online since March 30th.

“Flow turned the EPB-pedia into an achievable project. Simplicity is a virtue.” Anneleen Haers, VEA