From DITA content to a PDF in your brand identity

How can you easily publish DITA content to PDF? And how do you do this efficiently? The main challenge is to find a quick and simple method of creating quality templates to publish documents to a PDF format, preferably in a professional layout that matches your brand identity.

One of the advantages of writing (technical) content in DITA or XML is that you can separate structure and content from presentation. This means technical writers no longer have to spend time formatting texts and pages. But of course you still need a PDF.

Why there are challenges in publishing directly from DITA

There are many ways of publishing to PDF and they all have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the requirements of your document. Directly publishing from DITA to PDF seems obvious but up until recently this was not a common method, especially in small businesses, for a number of reasons:

  • The software packages that offer this method are usually expensive
  • The open source solutions require extensive technical know-how
  • It is not possible to make small adjustments in the completed files

However, there is now a great and affordable alternative for direct publication from DITA: MiramoPDF.

Why MiramoPDF is a better option

MiramoPDF contains a plug-in for the DITA Open Toolkit and MiramoDesigner, a graphical interface in which you can design page layouts. You can assign styles to the different types of text (paragraphs, lists, numbered steps…), making it easy to use for people without a technical background. After creating a good template, you no longer need to make those small and time-consuming manual adjustments. Publishing the PDF is much quicker and simpler, and the intermediate steps are skipped.


Here are the advantages of MiramoPDF:

  • Direct publication from DITA to PDF
  • Graphical user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Great support

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to publish DITA content to PDF and are you interested in MiramoPDF? Mail or call us and we’d love to help you discover this solution.