Flow@Adobe TechComm Day

Come and meet us at the Adobe TechComm day, the perfect opportunity to discover all about the latest developments in the world of technical communication.

TechComm heyday in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam on 20 September, you will learn through info sessions and demos how the newest tools are changing our ways of writing, publishing and reading content. Additionally, this conference is a unique chance to further expand your TechComm network and to learn from renowned professionals in the subject area. Flow is represented by our expert, Yves Barbion, award-winning technical author with more than 25 years of experience in the field and Adobe-certified FrameMaker instructor. He will demonstrate how Adobe FrameMaker can help to format and publish your technical documentation.

Complexity of technical documentation

By nature, technical documentation is often far more complex than web and marketing content, especially if you intend to publish structured content from sources such as DITA XML. For example, publishing can get complicated if you are working with a mixture of different page sizes and page orientations in a single document, or you are using sophisticated automatic numbering schemes and a myriad of graphic files and table formats.

Publishing with FrameMaker

During his presentation, Yves reveals how our company resolves these challenges with the help of Adobe FrameMaker, a powerful page composition engine with an intuitive graphical user interface that enables you to design templates in no time. Through real-life examples, Yves shows you how we use Adobe FrameMaker to publish documents from DITA to PDF. With this method we combine the strength of DITA structure with the versatility of Adobe FrameMaker to provide our customers with clearly structured and accessible documentation.

Do you want to find out the latest in the world of technical communication or meet and greet our speaker? Make sure to add the Amsterdam Adobe TechComm day on 20 September 2018 to your schedule. You can find the full schedule and the registration form here.