Creating a tailored digital workplace with Microsoft 365

A large organization asked us to reimagine the daily work of their employees in the modern workplace. By using Microsoft 365 and its numerous applications, they wanted to start a digital transformation and introduce their employees to the so-called New Way of Working. Working from home using a mobile device or laptop should become the new standard. The main focus of this case was on collaboration, that is, the efficient cooperation between colleagues.

To assess their digital approach, we decided to analyze the work of the key figures within the organization; interviewing and observing them throughout their day. We eventually concluded that every team was working in isolation, each with their own set of tools. In other words, there was no application that served as a common starting point. Employees worked according to their own preferred method; namely working side-by-side on a shared server.

Forms of collaboration

We started off by standardizing the work patterns of the employees. Their daily work activities could be sorted into five different use cases, representing the following scenarios: 

  • Collaboration with people from different teams, based on a common interest (Community)
  • Collaboration in a close-knit team (Team)
  • Collaboration with a group of people, assigned to a specific project (Project team) 
  • Collaboration with the people that they are currently working within a meeting for instance (Ad Hoc) 
  • Collaboration based on a mix of the previous options (Solution)

We used SharePoint and MS Teams to create a common starting point for all employees. Based on the abovementioned use cases, we designed a selection of templates which the employees could use to introduce themselves to the world of Microsoft 365. They were free to choose the Microsoft 365 solution which they thought suited their needs the best.  

In addition, the SharePoint and MS Teams templates comprised many different applications within the Microsoft 365 suite. As a result, the employees could easily start to discover Microsoft 365 in a structured manner, without experiencing any hinder on their digital transformation journey. 

SharePoint as a self-service tool

Next, we needed something to promote and spread the templates throughout the company. How are people going to request a template? And how are they going to ask for help or additional information? For this purpose, the Self-service Wizard was created. This application, created within SharePoint, is accessible to all employees. Here they can:

  • Request one of the use case templates
  • Find the schedule for group trainings, e-learning courses and other training materials
  • Request a tailor-made solution, in case their specific needs are not met by using one of the use case templates

Training and coaching 

As the majority of the company’s employees were not familiar with SharePoint, they were provided with e-learning courses and online training materials on the subject of Microsoft 365. Key users were identified and received a more in-depth group training, with the purpose of helping other colleagues to adopt Microsoft 365.  

Of course, Flow consultants were also available for on-site coaching. 


Are you curious about how you can implement this New Way of Working without breaking the bonds between colleagues? Would you enjoy a digital workplace where everyone can work together in an optimal and efficient manner?

Well, Flow can help you find the best solution for your organization. Contact us and discover how we can help you implement a digital workplace, tailored to your own organization.