An online manual that gets you in the right mood

You come home with your hands full and it is dark. Fortunately, the lighting automatically turns on, just like the sun blinds automatically go down when it gets too hot and go back up at your smartphone’s command. Sounds convenient? It is a reality with Niko Home Control. An installer looks at the floor plan of your home, adds the electrical installation parts and makes your home comfortable and safe.

But … where does the installer start? And what if he is struggling?
Then there is Flow.

Experience that pays

Flow visited Niko, extensively tested the software and asked the right questions. We followed the development of Niko Home Control 2.0, from wireframes to the final release. We kept our finger on the pulse all the time, because that’s the only way to write a consistent, accurate manual that is really useful to an installer.

“The Flow approach is very professional and always to the point”

“Flow’s approach is very professional and always to the point”, says Caroline Bonné, technical writer at Niko, as she looks back on our collaboration. “You feel that they have experience with writing software manuals and are well aware of the specific terminology, both in English and in Dutch. They always consulted us at the right times and our instructions were closely followed. We certainly will work together again. ”

Online configuration guide

The result of our collaboration can be admired here.