Terms and conditions


Enrolling for a training

Sign up for a course by sending an e-mail to

Registration and signing up by telephone is not possible.

We will confirm your registration within the week of reception. Did you not receive a confirmation? Call us at +32 9 336 41 31, and we’ll help you out.

Cancelling your attendance to the training

More than two weeks before the start of the training

You have noticed that you cannot participate in the training two weeks in advance? Please let us know asap, in written form. In this case, we can:

  • cancel your subscription
  • move your registration to a later date

Less than two weeks before the start of the training

You have noticed that you cannot participate in the training less than two weeks before the training takes place? The full sum remains due, but you can always send a colleague to replace you at the training. Let us know in advance, if possible.

Unforeseen circumstances

If unforeseen circumstances or lack of subscriptions force us to cancel, postpone or change the location of the training, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Subscribers to a course have the right to strike their name off the list. We will, in that case, refund the already paid registration fee completely.

Paying for your training

How much does it cost?

Feel free to contact us for information about a training. We’ll reply and inform you all about our prices. This sum also includes all costs for catering and documentation.

How to pay for a training?

You pay our invoices at reception, before the start of the training. Do not forget the reference information that you will find on the invoice.

  • IBAN: BE09 7370 2853 8857

Terms and conditions: billing

  1. Unless stipulated differently, our invoices are payable in cash at our head quarters. In case of tardy payment, the expiry of the payment term is being applied as notice of default. That way, all of our claims become claimable, even when they are not yet expired or find their origins in other contracts. In such cases, a delay interest is due of 1,5% per month. If an invoice is not paid before or at its due date, then Flow bvba is entitled to cease all yet to be provided services and to break off all contracts agreed between Flow and the client, charged to the latter.
    This breach of contract is executed by sending a registered letter to the client and  then counts as automatic.
    If the client remains in default without any reason, then his debt remains to be abided by at the expiry date and will be legally increased by 10% with a minimum of 65 euros, in order to indemnify us for any adverse effects, with exception of the conventionally determined delay interests.
  2. Complaints relating to rendered services or billing must be announced to us within the eight days following the respective date.
  3. All fees, charges and taxes shall be borne by the client.
  4. In case of dispute, only the Court of Ghent has authoritative power.