Do you recognize this problem?Writing? No thanks!
Concise and clear writing is a rare quality. And even if you have the talent, you may not have the time to write what's needed. Fortunately, there are ways to make the writing process more efficient and enjoyable for both writer and reader. Read more
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Do you recognize this problem?Kelly is leaving the company. Panic time!
Have you experienced that sense of panic when a long-time colleague is about to leave the organization and valuable knowledge is in danger of disappearing? Learn how to preserve and share your know-how. In one go, it will become easier for you to inform and train new employees. Read more
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Do you recognize this problem?We’re drowning in documents!
You know you've got the answer to a certain question somewhere. But where? And where's the most recent version? An optimal organization of your documentation helps to keep it up to date and available. Read more
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Do you recognize this problem?Yes, but it doesn’t look very professional
Correct content is crucial, as is structuring information in a user-friendly way, preferably with a nice look and feel. How do you write in an appealing layout without losing too much time? Read more
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Do you recognize this problem?One large document? Or 23 different versions?
Nobody likes reading a long document when looking for specific, detailed information. But nobody likes to maintain 23 variants of the same document either. How to store everything efficiently? Read more
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Do you recognize this problem?No one is reading our documents.
Less is more. Draw the reader's attention with a catchy title, illustrations, graphs or lists. Short, concise, clear. Read more
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