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Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Result
Ctrl + Shift + Space Non-breaking space
Ctrl + Shift + Hyphen Non-breaking hyphen
Shift + Enter Soft return
Ctrl + Enter Page break
Shift + F3 Change the case of the selection
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + F
Ctrl + H
Ctrl + G Go to page
Ctrl + Alt + M Add comment
Ctrl + Shift + E Toggle track changes
Ctrl + Alt + C
Ctrl + Alt + R
Ctrl + Alt + T
Copyright symbol ©
Registered trademark symbol ®
Trademark symbol ™
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + Shift + C
Ctrl + Shift + V
Copy formatting
paste formatting
Ctrl + L
Ctrl + E
Ctrl + J
Ctrl + R
Align a paragraph to the left
Switch between center aligned and left
Switch between justified and left aligned
Switch between right aligned and left
Ctrl + Shift + S Open Apply Styles task pane.

Adding your own keyboard shortcuts

  1. Go to your Word Options menu.
  2. Go to Customize ribbon.
  3. Next to Shortcut keys, click Customize
  4. Select a category and command for which you want to create a shortcut key.
  5. Put your cursor in the field Press new shortcut key and enter the desired key combination.
  6. Click OK.

For example: If you want to enter the key combination “Ctrl + Shift + C”, briefly press and hold the keys down together, rather than literally typing “Ctrl + Shift + C” in the field.

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