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Repairing faulty template styles in Word

Do you have any weird behavior when you open certain templates in Word? It could have something to do with the template itself. Here’s how you can solve this weird behavior and repair your template document.

I encountered the following problem with a template file in Word: When trying to edit styles in Word, some of the styles do not behave as they should. When trying to edit the Styles and changing their properties the following message pops up:

The based On style name does not exist or is of an incorrect type

The warning popped up for all of the existing styles and made it impossible to edit the Style based on and Style for following paragraph option list. A sign that you are using a template which is possibly corrupted

Here’s how this problem usually (but not always) can be solved:

  1. Open the template that exhibits the style warnings.
  2. Export the word document to the htm web format. Be sure to select Web page as export format, not Web page, filtered. The second export option will overly simplify many of the styles used in Word.
  3. Close Word and open the htm file again with Word.
    Right-click on the document, and choose Open with Word.
  4. Save the htm file again as a dotx file.
  5. Open the dotx file. You will notice some of the styles may have changed (because they were incompatible with the htm format). You can restore them back to the way they were using the Styles pane and a copy of the old template.

The template styles have now been repaired. You can now open the styles pane and start editing your styles as you wish.

Joachim David 2017/06/01 14:42


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