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Converting a manual to Online Help free of charge

This is a procedure for converting a Word manual into an online help, free of charge. Depending on the size of your manual, the method can be work-intensive.

What you need

Topics and styles

Prepare the manual in Word for conversion to HTML.

  1. Put each topic on one page.
  2. Check for style consistency.
  3. Check if the style names in Word are identical to those in the macro.


Put the HTML tags around the text.

  1. Put tags around images.
  2. Execute the HTML macro.
  3. Assign doctype, HTML, head, XML, title and body.
  4. Finish HTML (list tags, tabels, …)
  5. Convert the manual in Word to plain text.
  6. Save each topic separately as a HTML document.

Online Help

Use Precision Helper to create the Online Help.

  1. Import the topics in Precision Helper.
  2. Check (and edit, if necessary) the Online help.
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