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Add breadcrumbs so you can return to parent levels of a topic.

Joachim David 2017/06/16 11:15There now is a recently visited trail on top of the page, with your most recently displayed pages. The dokuwiki structure and parent levels can be seen to the left of the screen.

Tags have been added on top and at the bottom of pages. Can we set a standard to made the wiki more uniform?

Suggestion: tags at the bottom. If they are on top, they interfere with the TOC.

MadCap Flare
Kan je misschien iets beter uitleggen hoe de codes voor autonummering werken? Door enkel de procedure te lezen heb ik het niet helemaal door eigenlijk.

No answer available yet

Forum: main page Feel free to suggest changes to our main page in this section.

No suggestions available yet

Forum: Word Do you know better ways to insert chunks of text inside a Word document? Leave a comment here or create a topic in the Word chapter. > No suggestions available yet

Navigation tree
Create a navigation tree that looks more like the tree in the Dokuwiki help pages (https://www.dokuwiki.org/dokuwiki#).
One of the sections could be: Applications and tools. > No suggestions available yet

Is reuse possible? Do we need a plug-in? > No answer available yet

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