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Images with text


While writing, you often come across images that include text (e.g. graphs). When documents are being translated, the text in those images should be translated also. For example:

Possible solutions

Solution #1: text fields

In Word you can draw text fields over images, covering the English text and copying that text into the field. Those text fields can then be translated. This method has some downsides, however:

  • The translation agency will have to adjust the size of the fields for every language (for example, German words are longer than their English equivalent).
  • The fields can move around during translation, so the original English text becomes partially visible again.

Solution #2: callouts

You can add callouts to images which you then explain in a table underneath the image. This method is cleaner and the table is easy to adjust during translation.

However, this solution is not ideal for graphs, where the extra numbers can cause confusion next to the X and Y axis. In this case, we recommend removing the text from graphs using paint.net and then using PowerPoint to add text to it. This way you can create one slide per language version.

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