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====== Structured authoring ====== ===== Definition ===== Structured authoring is a way of writing in which one or more authors use: * a common, limited set of components ("information building blocks") set by an information model. *standards, rules and guidelines to structure the text. ===== Result ===== Structured authoring seperates the content from the layout. It structures content through information models and layout through templates and stylesheets. These output any content in different layout styles. ===== Purpose ===== *Maximize consistency *content *structure * Reuse *single sourcing (content <-> context) *multichannel publishing (content <-> output) *Collaboration with other authors ===== Use ===== You can apply structured authoring to all kinds of texts. It is not limited to the type of software application you use. You can therefore use structured authoring in: *word processing programs such as Microsoft Word *desk top publishing software such as Adobe InDesign *document processors such as Adobe FrameMaker *help authoring tools such as MadCap Flare *XML programs such as oXygen XML Author or JustSystems XMetaL *wikis such as Confluence or MediaWiki ===== Best practices @ Flow's ===== Every technical writer should frame the list below (or stick it to the door of the lavatory) to be reminded daily of how to write good documentation. -[[technical_writing:best_practices:segmentation|Segmentation]] -[[technical_writing:structured_authoring:coherence|Coherence]] -[[technical_writing:titles|Titles]] -[[technical_writing:structured_authoring:consistency|Consistency]] -[[technical_writing:best_practices:illustrations_and_animations|Illustrations and animations]] -[[technical_writing:structured_authoring:audience-oriented_authoring|Audience-oriented authoring]] -[[technical_writing:best_practices:structure|Structure]] -[[technical_writing:best_practices:minimalism|Minimalism]] {{tag>technical_writing structured_authoring structured_writing}}

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