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Special characters

How do I have to enter special characters? Well, the approach depends on the writing tool you are using. For example, in this Wiki, you can click on the Special Chars button in editing mode to insert a special character.

There are many other programs where this is possible. If you don’t find such an option by default, you’re out of luck. Or not? Windows computers have some special tricks up their sleeve to make it possible to insert special characters with shortcut keys.

ASCII characters (most normal characters)

You have some useful sites where you can find all ascii characters on one page:

For example, you can insert a non-breaking space by holding Alt and typing 255 on the numpad: Alt + 255

This key combination works in all editors and on all Windows computers. That means no more looking for editor-specific shortcut keys.

Some useful key combinations for use in technical documents:

Character name Shortcut key Usage
Non-breaking space Alt+255 Use between words that should not be separated, such as 3 m or 1 litre

There are only 255 Unicode characters available. All of these characters, can be found on the following web page: http://www.asciitable.com/

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