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Using chapter and page breaks

Breaks can be a powerful thing in Flare, if used correctly. When producing printed output, Flare needs to know where a new chapter will start. Besides that: if you have created different page layouts for different topics in your document you want to use them.

A lot of writers would just implement page and/or chapter breaks in the topic itself. But that is definitely the wrong thing to do. Instead: indicate that a new chapter will start by setting chapter breaks at the apt location in your (manually created) TOC.

Adding a chapter break

To add chapter breaks in your document:

  1. Open the preferred TOC.
  2. Right-click the preffered TOC book and then click Properties.
  3. Open the Printed Output tab.
  4. Select Chapter Break in the Break Type box.

    You can also select Page Layout break in the Break Type box.

  5. Select which page layout you want in the Page Layout box and then choosing the page the Page Type box.

    By default, Flare will keep the same page layout for every topic, except if you choose a specific one as mentioned in the step above.

  6. Click OK.
  7. Save all.
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