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Keyboard shortcuts

In this Wiki article we will let you in on some handy keyboard shortcuts for using MadCap Flare.

Keyboard shortcuts

When writing technical communication documents in Flare some keyboard shortcuts might come in handy. Because Flare is bound by html codes, it can sometimes be pretty difficult to find your way. We are used to working with WYSIWYG word processors, but Flare is a content-driven application. It is therefore not always easy for a new Flare user to know how to continue a (numbered or bullet) list when inserting a paragraph, or how to reuse content in different topics. We have listed some interesting keyboard shortcuts, so that you can save yourself time searching, clicking and finding your way in the Flare interface.

Shortcut Result
Ctrl + Shift + S Save all
Ctrl + Shift + Hyphen Non-breaking hyphen
Ctrl + R Insert snippet
Ctrl + G Insert image
F10 Convert word to index keyword
Ctrl + ; Insert paragraph in list
Ctrl + Shift + V Insert variable
Shift + Tab Convert list item a paragraph item
Ctrl + Shift + R Insert cross-reference
Ctrl + Shift + T Insert glossary term

Most basic Word shortcuts can also be used in MadCap Flare. You can find these here.


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