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Removing the fixed glossary in your output


One of the more common problems for basic Flare users is the need of a glossary at the end of your document. Or more precisely: the need not to include a glossary at the end of your document. A lot of basic Flare users just start a new project, write their topics and then make an output. Result? You’ll end up with a glossary that contains no content whatsoever. Something you don’t really need.

While Flare is excellent is providing the simplest solution for producing output, your output comes with standard features, one of them being a glossary. Removing that glossary isn’t difficult, but it does require some logic in Flare.


To remove the automatic generated glossary from your Flare output, follow these steps:

  1. Open your preferred target.
  2. Do not open the Glossary tab, open the Advanced tab instead.
  3. Deselect the Generate Glossary Proxy checkbox.
  4. Click Build or Publish to generate the output of your target.

Your output contains no glossary.

(source: MadCap Help forum)

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