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Removing front page from TOC


When making documents in Flare, it is not uncommon to produce a specific title page for your printed output. This title page can include images, text, headers, footers, and so on. You just create the title page in the Page Layout editor, and then link the topic accordingly in your TOC editor.

But what your TOC topic (generated automatic or by proxy) doesn’t know, is that this page doesn’t need to be included in the TOC for your printed output. Thus unknowingly, a lot of Flare users just create an extra topic for their TOC, and in the printed output they notice that the title page they just made, pops up in their TOC.


These are instructions on how you remove your created Title Page in the TOC for your printed output:

  1. Create a new class in your Stylesheet. For example: h2.NotInToc.
  2. Set the mc-heading-level of the new class to 0.
  3. Apply your newly created class to any h2 that you don’t want to appear in the generated TOC. In this case, the text in the topic linked to your title page.
  4. Click Build or Publish to generate output.

You can:

  • create a class for each heading type
  • create a generic class, which you can apply to any heading you like.

That way, your title page has been included in your document, but doesn’t appear in the TOC.

(Source: https://forums.madcapsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=27080)

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