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Creating different headers or footers for odd and even pages

You are not working WYSIWYG in Flare. So, when creating printed output, your headers and footers are the same on each page by default. But if you are making documentation, you often want something different on the odd and even pages of your document. Flare gives you the opportunity to just simply mirror your left and right pages.

Mirror headers and footers

You can simply mirror your header and footer. This way you will create a left or even page and a right or odd page.

To mirror headers or footers for odd and even pages:

  1. Open your preferred page layout that you are working on for your document.
  2. Open the pages you use for your document and want to mirror.
  3. Right-click the content (footer or header) you want to change and click Edit Text.
  4. Type or insert your content that you want in your header or footer. You can insert text, images, etc.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Right-click Page and click Mirror Page.

If you have implemented different pages or page layouts in your document, you can repeat the foregoing procedure as much as you want.

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