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Tag list

Using existing tags

This page includes a list of all tags. Please check if you can use existing ones before adding a new one to your page.

Tag conventions

When adding new tags to a page, please keep in mind the following conventions:

  • Write tags in lower case (e.g. dita, oxygen, word instead of DITA, oXygen, Word)
  • Use the singular of words (e.g. image, screenshot, format, instead of images, screenshots, formats)

Searching tags

You can use this page to search for all topics associated with a tag:

  1. Select Include next to the tag(s) you want.
  2. Click Search at the bottom of the page.
    A list with topics will be generated at the bottom.
  3. You can filter the list by selecting Exclude next to the tags you do not want to see.
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