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Online help - web help - webhelp

online help


Online help is a coherent set of topics with procedural or reference information delivered through computer software. The systems usually offer information on how to find your way around a software application or operating system, but they can be used for other suibjects as well.


  • Online help is local and therefore always available if installed.


  • The files are stored locally and can take up a lot of space.
  • It only runs on a help viewer, often only on a specific platform.

Special types

  • context-sensitive help: the available information is linked to the state of the application (what the user is doing).
  • web help: see below.

Online help users need to find the solution to their problems themselves, as opposed to being offerend the solution when calling a help desk.

Online help is usually delivered in HTML or PDF files.


web help


Web help is a type of online help that can either be delivered through the internet or as a stand-alone set of HTML files on a computer.


  • They permit content to be continually updated.
  • You can consult them with a regular internet browser.
  • The size of the total amount of documentation is no limit.


  • You always need an internet connection.




Webhelp is a French company founded in 2000. It is a global BPO provider that outsources business process management and customer experience across a range of digital, social and traditional voice channels.


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