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oXygen webhelp and EPUB transformation error

When publishing a project using a transformation scenario, you might see an error message like this:


It is possible that the language you are writing in isn’t defined in oXygen. In that case, words such as Chapter, Search and Part might not be translated when creating output. In order to have a completely localized webhelp or EPUB file, follow this procedure:

  1. Make sure that all the topics in your project have the correct xml:lang code.
  2. Look for the strings-[lang1]-[lang2].xml file in DITA-OT-DIR/plugins/oxygen-webhelp-responsive/resources/localization folder. For example, the Canadian French file would be: strings-fr-ca.xml. If it does not exist, use the following procedure to create one:
  3. Copy the …/localization/strings-en-us.xml file, change the name and open it.
  4. Add all the labels found in the DITA-OT_DIR/xsl/common/strings-en-us.xml file and paste them into your file.
  5. Translate all the labels from the above language file. Labels are stored in XML elements that have the following format: <str name=“Label name”>Caption</str>.
  6. Add the new language to the strings.xml file in the localization folder by adding <lang xml:lang=“nl-nl” filename=“strings-[lang1]-[lang2].xml”/>.
  7. Run oXygen as administrator and run the predefined transformation scenario called Run DITA OT Integrator by executing it from the Apply Transformation Scenario(s) dialog box. If the integrator is not visible, select the Show all scenarios action that is available in the Settings drop-down menu.
  8. Edit the WebHelp transformation scenario and set the args.default.language parameter to the code of the language you want to localize (for example, fr-ca for Canadian French).
  9. Run the transformation scenario to produce the WebHelp output.
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