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Modifying the dimensions and resolution


When you paste a screenshot in Word and adjust the dimensions, the image will often become blurry. In order to paste a high-quality screenshot in Word, you should alter the dimensions in a photo editor first.


  1. Take a screenshot and save it somewhere.
    Default size for screenshots is 72 or 96 ppi (pixels per inch).
  2. Open the image in a photo editor.
    For example: paint.net
  3. Click Image > Resize.
    You can also use Ctrl + R
  4. Under Resampling choose Nearest neighbour.
  5. Under Resolution, increase the resolution until you have the desired dimensions.

    To be as accurate as possible, enter a number that is a multiple of the original resolution. This helps you avoid ‘broken’ pixels. For example: if the original resolution is 96 ppi, use 192 ppi (96 x 2) or 384 ppi (96 x 4).

    Be sure to check if the resolution is shown in pixels/inch (ppi) or in pixels/centimeter (ppc).

  6. Ready? Click OK and save the screenshot.
  7. If you want to alter the dimensions afterwards, repeat these steps.
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