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Keyboard commands

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Combination Result
Esc + z + i Zoom in
Esc + z + o Zoom out
Esc + z + p Fit page to window
Esc + z + z Fit to 100%
Esc + f + s Save all
Esc + f + c Close all
Esc + f + o Open all
Esc + hyphen + h Non-breaking standard hyphen
Ctrl + g Go to page
Ctrl + l Refresh
Ctrl + space
Esc + space + h
Non-breaking standard space
F9 Apply paragraph tag to selected paragraphs
F8 Apply character tag to selected text
Shift + F8 Change all settings to As is in Designer panels
Shift + F9 Change all settings to match selection
Alt + ctrl + l Apply lowercase to selection
Alt + ctrl + u Apply uppercase to selection
Alt + ctrl + c Apply initial caps to selection
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