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DITA2PDF is a method of publishing DITA files to the PDF-output format. Briefly summarized, you write texts in oXygen and you publish them via FrameMaker:

  1. Write your content in oXygen.
  2. Install the ditafmx-plugin for FrameMaker.
  3. Use the plugin to import your oXygen files into FrameMaker.
    The files will be transformed into FrameMaker files and a template (including layout) will be applied to the files.
  4. If necessary, make some last-minute modifications to the text.
    Things to watch out for:
    • Adjust the images to the right resolution.
    • Resize the tables.
    • Check if any spaces have disappeared. (This can happen next to inline images.)
    • Check if all conditional text is correct.
    • etc.
  5. Publish the document to PDF.
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